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Your performance at the concert in Philadelphia on Friday, January 10, 2014 was phenomenal and first class! It was and amazing night. It was as if Elvis was right in the room! Thank you for your incredible GIFT OF TALENT!!

Dave Maitz - Philadelphia, PA

I wanted to formally thank you many times over for the wonderful show you provided for volunteers at Wernersville Hospital. I have received many positive remarks from those in attendance as you gave them a flashback into their youth which is a wonderful gift. Your act absolutely made and saved the event for me especially in light of the limited resources I had to work with. Your talent, time and generosity were greatly appreciated here. You are now part of the extended family and will be hearing from us again.

Michele Duffy - Wernersville, PA
Wernersville Hospital

After seeing you in Reading recently (and growing up a Beatle's Fan) I now have a helathy new respect for Elvis Presley and your committment to the "KING"!
Thank you for your time and your music!
(Beatles who)?

Steve McKinley - Reading, PA

Jeff looking so forward to your upcoming performance at our church on June 8, 2013. You really are great and what a joy it is to hear you sing.

St. Paul's Church - Stowe, PA

Jeff you are fabulous. While you were warming up during sound check we had several people thinking you were lip synching and could not believe they were not really listening to Elvis. What we heard was as close to Elvis as you ever could hear. You made a lot of people happy. Thank you.

Jean Dlugose - Bethlehem, PA

"Saturday night was the first time I ever saw you perform, even though you would do the Heim Fest, I always missed your performance. Let me tell you, "You are awesome," If I closed my I eyes I would swear it was the real deal. You have been gifted with such a great talent. I have loved Elvis since I was 9. You had me teary eyed for the entire Elvis tribute part of the show. The rest of the show was great too, but Elvis is my fav. Thanks for a great show!

Connie Bernet - Reading, PA

"My sister who was never an Elvis fan went to one of your shows with me. She now is a big fan. You have the voice and the personality to go with it. Hearing you is like having Elvis back. Keep up the good work and making Elvis fans remember Elvis Presley. I also have to tell you that I recently went to an Elvis contest in Atlantic City, NJ and their were about 12 different Elvis artist there. Not one of them even came close to you. You are the best."

Diana Clegg - Philadelphia, PA

"I saw you for the first time at the West end Youth Center in Allentown Pa. I am 68 years old, and I have been a fan of Elvis since 1956.
I have over 1500 of his songs. I have seen all of his movies, all the
documentaries and I must say you are real close to all of his work. Elvis
would be very proud to have you doing what he loved most, and that was entertaining the public. You also have his politeness, I have read many books on Elvis and he was always very polite to the public and the press.
He knew how to handle people. Good Luck and May God Bless you and yours."

Tom Hallenbach - Allentown, PA

"Jeff.... You are truly the greatest!!!!!
No one in the country could take your place, I mean no one!!! You are
just amazing.... from the Elvis to the great oldies can't wait to see more of your performances. The whole family loves ya, good luck and continued success. Rick says we're gonna work on getting you some performances in Florida for you when we get back there!"

Cathy Yerger - Reading, PA

"If ever we may be of assistance please let us know. It would be great seeing you and to work with you again in the near future.You are truly a great entertainer and my buddy Elvis would be so proud of your incredible performance. Take care and God bless you." (The Stamps Quartet were backup vocalist for Elvis from 1971- 1977)

Ed Enoch - Brentwood, TN
Stamps Quartet

"Jeff will make you feel like you’re watching Elvis himself on stage doing what Elvis loved to do, entertaining the people. If you’re an Elvis fan, come out and enjoy the unforgettable music of Elvis Presley, and let Jeff help you relive some of the memories, make new ones, and enjoy the music of the one and only King of Rock-N-Roll!" - Ron Cade - Levittown, PA - WOGL 98.1 Radio Personality

Rockin' Ron Cade - Levittown, PA

"Hello Jeff, YOU are sensational...Oh My God... you have so much talent, and charisma...it's incredible! I have never seen an Elvis tribute singer as good as you...and I've seen quite a few of them! Your performance was exceptional...and I mean that from the bottom of my heart! The songs, the lighting, your personality, everything...just magnificent! And then when you came out again to sing the oldies...WOW! That was just unbelievable! It was a great evening, and you made it happen! My friends and family all loved your performance as much as I did! WE LOVE JEFF KRICK!"

Bandstand Bonnie - Ridley Park, PA

"We watched Jeff Krick, the number 1 Elvis Tribute artist perform live, non stop for 3 hours. He looks and sounds just like Elvis. We never saw a performer with such charisma, talent, and personality "Put Out" so much for an audience. He worked the crowd and every table and got several standing ovations! After the "one man" show was over, he changed, sang oldies and everyone danced the remainder of the night away. I highly recommend anyone that loved Elvis and loves to dance to the oldies to get out and see him. He is incredible and by far the best Elvis artist I have ever seen!"

Carol Lieberman - Glenside, PA

"Dear Jeff, just a short note to say, "thank you". What a wonderful performance, very entertaining. We enjoyed the evening at the Cottage Green. How blessed to be able to travel around and have your dear family go with you. We are hoping to join you again on December 11th and bring others with us. God bless you and thanks for a good evening. I am one of the ladies who got the Teddy Bear. I am giving it to my 3 month old granddaughter. Thanks again."

Marcia & Bill Peatross - Palmyra, NJ

"Hi Jeff, We all loved your show at the McClure Carnival. You are awesome!"

Arla Peters - Burnham, PA

"My family has listened to the CD's we bought at your show this past weekend. Your wife sings "Loretta Lynn" better that the ones we heard in Branson, Missouri and they were very impressed with you and your wife both. They couldn't believe how good you and your wife are. I can't wait to buy more of your CD's. We will be working on getting your performance to North and South Carolina! Elvis would be extremely proud! You do an excellent performance and can't wait to see you perform again!"

Mary Altman - Fayetteville, NC

"Hello Jeff, you are the greatest Elvis Tribute Artist anywhere!!! Not only I know this but a lot of people do and are really taking notice! Bandstand Bonnie is one of them and she is right, you are without a doubt the best.! Keep it up, you deserve it!"

Joe Franckowiak - Reading, PA

"Jeff everyone that I have spoken to that seen you at the Forbes Road High School cannot get over how good your singing voice is. Would you believe that some thought you were actually lip syncing! You floored them with your acapella. They could not get over your aggressive non stop performance for two and a half hours, and your close personality with everyone. The Hustontown Fire Department along with myself want to bring you back and have you do a longer show including a dance set of oldies. I have also heard other venues along with private inquires are interested from south central Pennsylvania. A very big two thumbs up!"

Joe Eaton - Shade Gap, PA

"Jeff, Over the years I have heard a lot of singers with great voices; who lack the foggiest idea where & how to hold the microphone for their voice with various songs. Hearing you, and watching you, is a marvelous experience, watching someone who has mastered it. Mastered it, way beyond any singer I have ever heard in person! Also, your attention to detail, overall sound, lighting and volume is the right mix to enhance your amazing talent."

Ken Howard - Reading, PA

"Hi Jeff! I just wanted to say thank you for another great night! We had so much fun! My nieces said that you were a far better performer then the show they saw in Vegas. They loved the show! Until we meet again. God Bless."

Kathy Haas - Philadelphia, PA

"Jeff, we want to thank you for making our party on a HUGE SUCCESS! Our guest are still raving how impressed they were with your voice, actions and humor. Many have suggested this become an annual event. I believe now they understand why we cannot get enough of your awesome performances. The show you gave us is definitely one of our all time favorites. We are honored to have you and your fabulous family and friends in our lives. We Love You!"

Jim & Irene Lagler - Dryville PA